A unique opportunity to get closer to nature than ever before!  

We are very excited to announce our newest member of the family, our brand new arctic dome! Imagine going on a 22km tour with dogs through the beautiful mountains, ending up at one of these. You spend the night, all alone, just you and the nature. Dogs will be brought home for the night and you will be picked up the next morning. An experience next to no other.


Summer PLAce; ÅStdalen 

Experience absolute silence and relaxation as deep into the Norwegian nature you can get. There is a little road leading into the place where the dome is parked, road description will be given beforehand. Drinking water is provided as well as outdoor cooking facilities and a proper bed. Bring your own bed sheets and food. Canoes at your disposal are included. 



Our dome is also perfect for groups. It can comfortably fit up to 30 people, for a unique and cozy meeting, lunch or dinner. There are opportunities for hosting the most amazing birthday party, arrange the conference of all conferences, or just gather a bunch of friends and/or family to share a wonderful experience together. There is also possibilities for up to 10 people to stay over night.

Something for you? 

The dome is provided with a double bed as well as mattresses for up to six people. Bring your own bed linen and towels. 

We will provide you with fresh drinking water, wood for the fire, kettle, tea/coffee and cups/plates.

ida@sjusjoenhuskytours.no for more information, or to make a reservation today.