Tours at Kroksjøen / Sjusjøen: 

Snow is here and track of 6km and 15 km is ready and perfect! Online booking is open for tours on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays. For other days or questions, email:


6km-tours: every Thursday and Saturday, in addition to extra tours during the Winter Break in Norway (see below) 
15/30km-tours: Thursdays, Sundays and other days based on requests
Christmas Holiday 2017:
Wednesday 20th of December, Thursday 21st of December                                          Friday 22nd of December, Saturday 23rd of December
Tuesday 26th of December,
Thursday 28th of December,
Saturday 30th of December, Sunday 31st of December



6km-tours: every Thursday and Saturday, + Tuesday 2nd of January, and other days on requests
15/30km-tours: every Thursday and Sunday and other days on requests 



6km-tours: every Thursday and Saturday, and other days on requests

15/30km-tours: every Thursday and Sunday and other days on requests


Any other wishes, ask us! Groups on requests every day of the week. 

All of the days above will have its first tour at 10:45, and we will from there either give you a specific time to meet up or you will see it at the booking site! Remember that even if you are given the time 12:00 to meet up, it does not mean that the tour will start straight away. You will be given instructions first on controlling the sled and breaking, and we need you to be ready as soon as the dogs come back from the previous tour. You will therefore not be required to show up much earlier than your meeting point, but try to be on time and let us know if you cannot make it! Bring good clothes, several layers are key, and should there be some waiting time we serve hot drinks in our warm little cabin. 

We do now also have foot bags available for rent, NOK 50,-. Recommended on really cold days.