You can now use our booking solution to find a perfect time for 6km,15km or 30km tours at Sjusjøen straight away. If you can't find a suitable time however, just get in touch with us at, and we will see if we can't find a suitable time after all. Saturday the 14th of April we will be touring in from Pellestova, Hafjell and have some free spaces available by email to: 



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Send an email to Ida at with type of tour, amount of people and the name you would like on the card. Write your post address as well and the card will arrive through mail, or we will send it in an email. A specific date for a tour can be decided on later, our contact info will be on the card. Payment will be done beforehand through a bank transfer.

Alternative tours:

30KM from KROKSJØEN and groups/EVENTS

Send an email to Ida at or an sms to +47 948 46 270. There is one 30km tour available for booking on the 11th of March! 

Offroad tours on wheels In BØVERLUND, HORNSJØEN or by the tree top huts 

Send an email to Ida at or an sms to +47 948 46 270. (spring/summer/autumn)


Frequently Asked Questions:

How do we pay? 

If you are using the online booking service, your payment will be done and over with straight away. If you are booking through email you can pay on the spot, by either cash or card.

Do you do your tours in all kinds of weather? 

Absolutely! Dog sledding is even more of an experience in tough conditions. We make sure that everyone is well dressed, and we have both extra winter suits and foot bags available for rent should you need them on extra cold days, in addition to blankets for the people sitting in the sled. However, as you get going you won't really have time to get that cold, just make sure to wear some warm shoes and good socks, in addition to some good gloves and you will be fine!


We recommend warm shoes, thick and wind proof gloves and wind proof jacket and trousers. Shoe bags to put over your own shoes and warm suits may be rented for nok 50,- per unit.  Also, we have some warm gloves. 

Do We control the sleds ourselves?

Yes! Unless you do not want too or are under 14 years old, then you have the option to sit in front which can be just as fun, and great for taking pictures. Those who are a bit nervous can start by sitting down, and then try to control the sled on the way back from the swopping point instead, when you have gotten a bit of a feel for it. We are yet to experience someone who regretted trying! 

Where do we meet up?

See directions to Kroksjøen here. For tours by the Tree Top Huts or any other locations we will send out maps beforehand. If you also meet up at the exact time you have been given that would be the best, as we have time to properly go through the instructions. No need be there way ahead of that time. 

Can we bring younger children?

The 6km tours are perfect for younger children, not too long or cold. Babies could be a little cold of course, so wrap them up nicely. We do not recommend bringing children to the longer trips however, unless they are really used to the winter conditions, and are dressed properly for the occasion. You will be seated on underlays/pelts in the sled and we will also wrap you into warm and cozy wool blankets.

Can children go without the company of parents? 

Children under 13 years old can sit in the leader sled, the one that the guide is using. But it is more fun for the children to go on the sled that their parents are controlling! We are more of an activity for families together.

Can i change my mind? 

Of course you can! You are free to change your reservation at any time, just please let us know as soon as possible, and preferably more than 24 hours in advance. Same with cancellations, if you are later than 24 hours before we will ask for 100% of your payment as we will not have time to reallocate your sled.