Did you know it is just as fun to do dog sledding without the snow?  


In evenings or early in the morning throughout summer and in spring times until the snow gets back, we will be doing a lot of trainings with the dogs. On these Troll wagons as they are called, you go through the forests at an incredible speed, and it is a lot of fun. We invite tourists to come along based on requests, however when the tours are really depends on the temperature around that time. As it is important that it is not too hot for the dogs. From mid september we normally also do tours mid-day. Our usual spots are at Hornsjø, where we go through a lovely cattle track, and Bøverlund, where we travel through idyllic forest paths. Over the autumn holidays in Norway, week 40 and 41, we do tours on Wednesday and Saturday at Bøverlund. More information about this will be coming. Get in touch with us if you would like a more exclusive tour at Hornsjøen. Prices: Bøverlund 8km - NOK 600,- per person, Hornsjøen 15km - NOK 1150,- per person. 


A 2 hour horse riding trip on safe Icelandic horses from Åsli Riding Center in Åsmarka, to stunning Bøverlund where we are waiting with a campfire pan, Norwegian twist bread, coffee/tea/soft drinks and of course dogs and wagons. After a quick lunch break there will be an exciting 1 hour long trip with the dogs before we bring you back to Åsmarka again in cars. Horses will be transported back in a truck. This will be available from mid September and until the snow gets here. A minimum amount of 5-6 people and the price will be NOK 1000,- per person.