Driving to Kroksjøen

We are located just by the road at Kroksjøen, and there is parking space just outside our cabin.

Make sure to watch out for roads closed during the winter season! If you are driving from Hafjell you need to go down to the E6 first and go through Lillehammer, follow the signs and directions from there. 

Directions From LILLEHAMMER:

There will be sings pointing out the directions to Sjusjøen, make sure you are going on the Sjusjøvegen road, not the road to Nordseter. Continue straight ahead on the main road as you get to Sjusjøen. After about 2km you will need to pass a barrier, pay NOK65,- (they accept cards) and then continue for another 1.5 km and you will see us on the right side of the road. 

Directions from OSLO

Go on the E6 until you get to "Rudshøgda" where you take off. Follow the signs to Sjusjøen and see further directions above from Sjusjøen. You can stop by at the Prøysen House at Rudshøgda for a nice cup of coffee and to get some extra Norwegian culture, if you are interested!


See the table for bus route 262 at Opplandstrafikk, and ask us if you need help to book a tour that is suitable with the time table. You should get off at the final stop called Storåsen and from there you need to walk the final 1 1/2km, straight on through the barrier and along the mountain road. Just after the bridge you will see us on the right hand side of the road. 

Bus from HAMAR / MOELV

A special skiing bus will go from Hamar to Sjusjøen in holidays and weekends in the winter period. See more information at Hedmark Trafikk. You should get off at the final stop, Storåsen, as described above about buses from Lillehammer. 


Address for GPS:


Kuåsen 26

2612 Sjusjøen



There are loads of interesting places to stay in the Lillehammer/Sjusjøen area, whether you want to stay close to the Lillehammer city centre, at a cabin in Sjusjøen or deep into the woods. Why not try something completely unique at our very own Arctic Dome. We also recommend the following places:

Our very own Arctic Dome

A cozy, warm and luxurious tent-like igloo that is placed all by itself in the beautiful mountain landscape, not far from we are located. You can even go there by dog sledding, and then sleep over with your loved ones and get picked up the morning after! Read more about that here for spring/summer/autumn, and here for winter. 

In the mountains close to us

Rustad Hotell Hotell og Fjellstue
Lillehammer Fjellstue og Hytter
Sjusjøen Hytteutleie  Sjusjøen Booking og Hytteutleie

Almost at the mountain

Mesnabakken Pensjonat
Mesnali Leirsted

Unique experience

Tretopphyttene i Brumunddal


Birkebeineren Hotel & Apartments
Lillehammer Hotel
Mølla Hotell

Also check out Visit Lillehammer's overview of accommodation in and around the Lillehammer area. 



Sjusjøen is crowned the number one cross country skiing destination in Norway. The slopes are everywhere and go in every direction, through the amazing mountains. There is also quite a few starting from our base in Kroksjøen. 

See Visit Sjusjøen for more information. 

Sjusjøen also has its very own ski center

Right next to us, using the same parking space, you can try kiting

If you love animals and nature then a tour on Icelandic horses might be a fun experience for you in addition to dog sledding, both Mesnali Icelandic Horse Center and Åsli Horse Center offer great trips in beautiful landscape. Åsli might be the best alternative for the unexperienced, and you are likely to ride past where all of our dogs (and we) live in Åsmarka. Mesnali is great for the more experienced ones that want more speed and longer trips. 

See Visit Lillehammer's total overview of activities in the Lillehammer area, and Hamarregionen Reseliv for activities in Hamar and Ringsaker. 



Should you have any questions about directions then you can reach us at both ida@sjusjoenhuskytours.no and +47 948 46 270. At our booking site you will find available tours!

Ever tried dog sledding by night?