Dog sledding - a perfect teambuilding activity that everyone can join

Dog sledding is a popular activity for groups and events. Not only is it great fun but also everyone can participate which makes it perfect for teambuilding. A colleague with a broken leg or even in a wheel chair may still join to sit on. Company groups that fancy activities during seminars or company trips, groups of friends, family groups, tourist groups and other gatherings are all welcome to join us. Are you planning a meeting and event, have a look at our package deals.

In addition to our location at Sjusjøen events may also be arranged in Hafjell,
just by the hotel Pellestova and Ilsetra!

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GROUP Arrangements 6km 10 - 120 Persons SJUSJØEN

Groups are welcome all days on request as well as time of the day as you wish. Darkness is magic, we provide head lights or please bring if you have your own. 

Depending on group sizes we may divide the group into smaller groups, as maximum 12-18 can do 6km dog sledding at the same time. While one group is out with the dogs another group may have a fun relay using Norwegian kicks - and another group will make bread twists and enjoy cofeee/tea/blackcurrant toddy around the fire in our warm lavvo. We can arrange for 50 persons within 2 hours. For groups up to 120 persons more team activities may be added, like snow shoes and different teambuilding games. Price as below nok 750,- per person. 

Group 1 - Dog sledding 6km. We can do maximum 18 persons on one tour, that is 9 sleds with 2 guests on each. The two swap positions at half way stop. Our guides are both in front and in the back using leading sleds or snow mobiles. 

Group 2 - Competition with Norwegian kicks Two and two are competing against the rest. They swap positions every second run and two teams end in a final. Praise for the winners :) 

Group 3 - Bread twists on the fire and coffee/tea/toddy Making bread twists around the fire is always included on our tours and so on events. It is always a nice atmosphere in our cosy cabin. 

For booking and more information: contact Ida tel +47 94846270,

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Including in a group arrangement you are welcome to enjoy dinner in our lavvu fitting up to 115 guests. Our popular creamy stew with moose is always a success and the group on the photo also had homemade brownie with caramel for dessert. Price dinner: nok 275,- and dessert nok 55,-  per person. 

hundekjøring skumring Sjusjøen Husky Tours

GRoup ARrangement 15/30Km SJUSJØEN 10 - 14 PERSONS 

Smaller groups up to 14 persons may join a longer tour of 15 or 30 km. which is the maximum number of guests we can do on one tour. In case we arrange another activity with the same length of time, the number of guests could be 28 divided in two groups. Price 15km nok 1200,- per person. Dinner may be arranged after tour as above. 

For booking/more information: contact, tel +47 94846270.



Just by the pleasant hotels Pellestova and Ilsetra we may arrange dog sledding for your guests. In case you stay at Scandic Hafjell, Hafjell Hotell or Hunderfossen Hotell & Resort distance is also shorter than Sjusjøen. Tour is 6km and we bring with us firepan for you to make our fantastic bread twists outside.

For groups larger than 20 persons we may divide them in three smaller groups that try snow shoes with guide in addition to husky tour and making bread twists. Groups swap.

For booking and more information: contact Ida tel +47 94846270,

Dog sledding and riding icelandic horses


This is an amazing combination for truly experience nature! A collaboration with Mesna Icelandic Horse Center at Mesnali. For larger groups we will split the group into two, where one half starts dog sledding and the other one with the horses. After the first round you meet up for a lovely lunch at Mesna´s barn. After the meal the groups will swop activities.

The dog sledding tour will be by the lake Sør-Mesna and in some forest areas. Alternatively, join us at Sjusjøen in our mountain areas and provide transport to and from Mesna. For smaller groups, that is a way of joining this amazing combination. 

For prices and booking contact us at, tel +47 94846270.


The Lillehammer and Sjusjøen area is perfect for meetings and events; plenty of different accommodations and social activities. The town Lillehammer is famous for its atmosphere and surrounding mountain areas like Sjusjøen are amazing. Visit the pages or ask us for more information.