Are you ready to share an exiting and special experience that you won't ever forget?

Dog sledding is something that everyone can take part of, whether you are controlling the sled yourself or you are sitting in the front, enjoying the view and taking pictures. Coworkers for a unique team building experience, big families or just a group of friends, or any other groups are welcome to book dog sledding at any times. Going at night with headlights and venison as you get back is very popular. Company outings at daytime with our without spouses and children is also something that will be talked about for a long time afterwards. 

Husky Tours Norway - Sjusjøen

KROKSJØEN - HORNSJØ SETER WIth accommodation and Transport back the day after

An exclusive tour with dinner and and accommodation. We start at Kroksjøen Saturday night and travel with dogs and sleds with headlights over to Hornsjøen, a tour of about 2 hours. When arriving at the cabin we will park the dogs and inside there will be dinner, wine and a fireplace waiting for you. After a nice and long breakfast the morning after, we will take you back by dog sledding to Kroksjøen to find your luggage again and a final cup of coffee/tea/toddy will before you go. This is now also available with our new Arctic Dome, which makes the experience even cooler. Price depends on amount of people, you are welcome to send and a request and direct any questions at

Dog Sledding and Horse Riding

Combine dog sledding with icelandic horse riding and lunch/dinner at Mesnali

This is an amazing way to truly experience nature! A collaboration with Mesna Icelandic Horse Center at Mesnali. When larger groups, we will split the group into two, where one half starts dog sledding and the other one with the horses. After the first round you meet up for a lovely lunch at Låven in Mesna, followed by some relaxation and admiration of the magical view of the Mesna River. After the meal the groups will swop activities, and there will be a possibility to end the day with dinner and/or a party at Låven. For booking contact us at or

Sjusjøen Husky Tours location

CHRISTMAS PARTy with dog sledding and dinner in our cabin or our new arctic Dome

We start with 6km dog sledding tours, 10 people at a time. The ones that aren't doing dog sledding can relax inside by the fireplace, take part in our exciting kick bike race, or/and take pictures of the wonderful mountains. Will perfectly suit groups of 20-30 people. At the end we will all gather around the fireplace and enjoy a wonderful meal, for instance a home-made stew with moose. Prices are NOK 800,- per person including dog sledding and dinner. Drinks will be at extra cost, we do not serve alcohol so you have an opportunity to bring your own and enjoy it after the dog sledding. For booking contact